What We Do

RustProof Labs specializes in leveraging technology to provide secure, reliable data-driven solutions. We work our technology skills, so you don't have to!

Services We Provide

  • Database and Application Development
  • Security Analysis
  • Performance Tuning
  • Training

Database and Application Development

You have a cumbersome, data-heavy process that that is tough to use and maintain. You copy and paste data on a regular basis; most likely Excel is a critical part of your workflow. Is there a better way? Yes!

We help you examine your entire process to identify more accurate and efficient ways to collect, store, and analyze data. Immediate benefits are saving money, improving the quality of your data, and reducing staff overhead. This is the first step to becoming a data-mature organization.

Security Analysis

Your data is a critical business asset and needs to be protected with the appropriate level of security. The 2016 Ponemon Institute data breach study found the average data breach costs $4 million.

We begin by taking an inventory of your data and existing security controls such as encryption, access policies, and firewalls. This information is used to perform a risk analysis, flag areas of concern, and suggest short- and long-term solutions. Industry best-practices according to NIST, SANS, and other cybersecurity experts are highlighted in the included training.

Performance Tuning

Your existing system used to be fast. Now, instead of being a benefit it has become an obstruction. Performance problems often are a result of many combined small issues. We troubleshoot, analyze, and resolve these issues to bring your system back to life.


Technology and tools are ever-changing in our digital world. Keeping up with the latest trends in data management and cybersecurity requires consistent learning.

We provide hands-on training and full-day workshops to equip your team with interactive and applicable training taught by industry experts from RustProof Labs. Training can be scheduled for your team and is tailored to your specific needs.