Welcome to RustProof Labs!

RustProof Labs exists to:

  • Use Raw Data to generate Insightful Information
  • Make Public and Open data easier to access
  • Provide training and professional development

Raw Data into (Useful) Beauty

RustProof Labs specializes in all aspects of creating useful, beautiful maps to help satisfy your business needs. We survey targeted geographic areas to collect both standard and custom data points relevant to your business. After the data is collected and verified we produce high-quality digital output suitable for display on screen or large-size printing.

If maps themselves aren't your desired output, don't rule us out yet! We are experts at working with large, diverse data sets and can help with almost any data related task.

Easy Access to Data

We collect, process, and provide spatial data from public data sources, such as OpenStreetMap.org and the U.S. Census Bureau. What seperates RustProof Labs from others is we give you direct access to the database, making any querying, filtering, or other "data chewing" as powerful and simple as possible.

Learn more about RustProof Data.

Training and Professional Development

While RustProof Labs can provide the full spectrum of services, we also offer on-site training for your staff who have the ability and/or desire to handle any (or every!) part of this process.

For free learning resources browse through our Blog filled with high quality articles. If you have specific questions please Contact Us.

Spatial Data Collection

Standard data collection includes street addresses, fences, fire hydrants, hiking paths, and even trees. These standard elements are loaded into a public database, OpenStreetMap.org, which helps keep our infrastructure requirements low. It also helps everyone else in our communities by providing a more accurate and complete map of the world around us. Custom data collection can include almost anything else of interest to you in the target area. Custom data is collected in a private database on a per-client basis. RustProof Labs is obsessive about the security of the data we manage, feel free to inquire further about how we protect your data.