About RustProof Labs

RustProof Labs is a Colorado based Information Technology consulting firm specializing in secure data services. We help organizations effectively collect data which provides actionable information to drive strategy.

At RustProof Labs, we love all things related to data and believe in life-long learning. We have a helpful and friendly company culture and enjoy working with a wide variety of clients.


Ryan Lambert

Owner / CEO

PostgreSQL is my database of choice; skydiving is my adrenaline rush of choice!

I started my technology-heavy career in 2003 working in the professional audio industry from a computing perspective. By 2008 I had become fully immersed in the world of databases, programming, and automating away tedious data-related tasks for the office.

In my free time I contribute to OpenStreetMaps, my profile is here . I also contribute to a few sites in the Stack Exchange network. I am currently a Database Developer / Analyst at a local community college.

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